This is the place where we answer your most frequently asked questions, so that when you need to contact us directly, you'll have all the information necessary beforehand. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

1. Who is WVG? WVG Medien GmbH is an independent distribution service catering to all content providers who want to distribute audiovisual content – such as feature-length films, TV programmes, documentaries, fitness programmes or entertaining and educational children's programmes – in the German-speaking marketplace.
2. What do we stand for? Beside the independence of our company, which we value highly as it allows for quick, flexible and responsible decisions, what defines us most have to be the different career backgrounds of our team members giving us a broad network of contacts, and the fact that we have established ourselves as a reliable, recognized and competent partner for retailers, content providers, co-operation partners and service providers.

Furthermore, no other supplier in the German-speaking market can match the variety of services our group can offer. If you choose to work with us, you can rely on competent advice for all stages in the life of your content.
3. Who are WVG's sister companies? Our group of companies can offer you all-round service. The joint range of product includes production, dubbing, soundtrack, authoring, marketing, product management, advertising, and digital use as well as physical distribution.

Splendid Film
Splendid Entertainment
Splendid Synchron
Very Us Network
Very Us Records
FFS Köln
4. What is WVG's position in the market? We are one of the top 10 providers in the field of home entertainment. In the subcategories documentary and fitness, we are market leaders.
5. What are the greatest success stories at WVG? We have held the pole position in the charts in many different genres – “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, for example, tops the children's charts each year, “Planet Earth” is the number one documentary, “Yoga macht Fröhlich“ has become a best-selling special interest DVD, and of course, we helped the Hollywood movie “The Expendables” reach the very top of the charts. Besides, our exclusive collaborations with international partners like Entertainment One are also very successful and adds gems like the TV series “The Walking Dead” to our portfolio.

We are proud and satisfied to count as one of our greatest successes that we have been constantly increasing our turnover and have become market leaders in the fields of fitness/wellness programming and documentary while also coming into the top 10 of general providers regularly over the past several years.
6. How many people work at WVG? Counting over 30 employees, we have become the second largest of all subsidiaries of Splendid Medien AG.
7. What is your turnover like? In 2014 we have had a turnover in excess of 60 million euro.
8. When was WVG founded? WVG was fonded in the year 2000 under the name "Warner Vision Vertriebs GmbH" as a division of Warner Music Germany GmbH. In the summer of 2004, there was a corporate split from Warner Music Group and the name was changed to WVG Medien GmbH. Today, WVG is a 90 per cent subsidiary of Splendid Medien AG, Cologne (WKN: 727 950). The remaining 10 per cent are held by Alexander Welzhofer, one of WVG Medien GmbH's CEOs.
9. Who is behind the WVG team? The WVG team is comprised of staff members who are competent in their fields, dynamic and highly motivated, and who have accumulated many years of experience within the industry in their chosen core areas of expertise without having lost the ability to think outside the traditional box. Take a look at the team!
10. How many different products are currently featured in the WVG catalogue? At this point, we feature roughly 2500 products in our catalogue.
11. Which channels does WVG use to distribute its varied range of products? Among our customers, we count the best-established electronics retailers as well as online retailers, but also book shops or catalogue order retailers such as Bertelsmann, weltbild or Reader's Digest. In addition, we regularly deliver our products to the food trade, such as Aldi, Tchibo, Real or the Metro group. Thanks to our long-standing collaboration with publishing houses such as Springer Media AG, Gruner & Jahr, Heinrich Bauer Verlag, Computec Media AG or WEKA Media Publishing, we have also been able to distribute many DVDs as add-ons to magazines or newspapers.

12. Does WVG supply to online portals for VOD/EST usage? Our expertise for the distribution of physical audio-visual media notwithstanding, we naturally offer our partners access to the digital marketplace and its most significant participants, like iTunes, Maxdome, Videoload, Videocity or Lovefilm.
13. How many products roughly get published in the DVD and BD market, and how many of them come from WVG? In 2011, approximately 7.100 DVDs and 2.300 Blu-rays were released in the German market altogether. The total of DVDs available to the consumer exceeds 42,500, for Blu-ray we are looking at more than 5,200 (according to numbers from January 2012).
Of these, WVG Medien has distributed about 420 DVDs and 190 Blu-rays in German-speaking Europe in 2011.
14. How can content providers/rights owners contact WVG? We would be delighted if you were to contact us with your projects. You can choose to employ our services as a licensee or distribution partner. See also Q & A under point 13.

Questionnaire für content providers looking for distribution partners
Questionnaire für content providers looking for licensing partners
15. How do conditions differ regarding whether a content provider wants to license a product or just have it distributed? If you license your content to us, you can either receive a one-time flat-fee payment or a clearable advance on the license and subsequent royalties on the licence’s turnover for the duration of the licence agreement. You will not bear responsibility for the product's design or its sales documents and advertisements, or any other cost, not even for replication.

Should you decide to make use of our services as a distributor, the responsibility and cost for design, production and consumer advertisement will remain with you. In this case, you will receive the monthly returns of all units sold and not returned, after we have deducted our distribution fees and all other applicable charges.

To simplify things, here is what you can expect from a comparison of both models:
If we license your product, we will give you a share of 10-20 % of the net yield, depending on the product.
If we “only” distribute your product, you give us a share of 10-20 % of the net yield.
We will be happy to work out the details with you when contact us, so that we can come to a decision together as to which option makes more sense for a collaboration.

Please request our standard contracs by clicking here after having filled in one of the two questionnaires, depending on the rights you can or choose to confer to us.
16. Which service providers is WVG working with? We value faithful and success-oriented collaborations. Accordingly, the pool of service providers we use consists of a number of long-standing partners.

Among these, you will find Edel AG and its press plant optimal media and Sasse & Partner solicitors.

Please feel free to have a look at our Wall of WVG, where all of our partners are invited to present themselves including their logos.

We would also invite you to introduce yourself as a service provider here. We are looking forward to a great variety of contacts, such as merchandise suppliers, app developers, commercial artists, PR agencies, copywriters, and many more.
17. If I am a service provider and would like to work with WVG, how can I introduce myself? We have developed a tool to help service providers introduce themselves to us, so we can contact them at the next arising opportunity or even get them involved with a pitch. Click here to contact us.
18. Is WVG currently hiring? In order to find out about current vacancies at WVG, please click here.
19. Does WVG also accept trainees? Yes, since 2008, we have successfully been training audiovisual media managers.
The next vacant trainee positions are coming up starting August 2014. We are looking forward to your applications.
21. Can consumers order products directly from the WVG website? No, you cannot order products from the WVG website.

WVG as distribution partner

These are some frequently asked questions from content providers. You will probably find it helpful to read through the following information before contacting us.

1. What is required for a DVD or Blu-ray to hit stores? In order to have a DVD or Blu-ray sold in retail, a number of legal requirements have to be fulfilled before publication.
This includes registration of the audio-visual medium with GEMA (Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights) and examination and rating by FSK (Voluntary Self Regulation of the Film Industry). Beyond this, it is important that the content is available in a German-language version and provides sound and picture quality in accordance with current standards.
2. What sort of service does WVG guarantee as a distribution service provider? Our know-how in the field of distribution helps us find placement tailored to your products in all relevant areas of retail, without neglecting the constant development of new and exciting distribution markets.

A monthly print and digital mailing informs retailers of 3-6 months in advance of new products, providing the basis for placement of your product in retail.

DVDs and Blu-rays are not only available at home electronics retailers, but also often via less traditional channels: They are added on to magazines, or to other brand products, or organizations may use them as part of an offset agreement.

Content providers can profit from our long-standing experience in marketing and in the industry by making use of our consultation services for their product management, supported by current market and trend analysis, of course.

Our additional services include a variety of services you may need in the areas of market and sales research as well as administrative and creative product management, tailored to your specific needs and depending on your individual requirements. These services range from a “first aid package” – including EAN codes, registration forms for GEMA, and contact information for and introduction to all useful service providers (commercial artists, printing, authoring, press plant, and so on), templates for all common types of packaging and a “home entertainment market for dummies” introduction – all the way up to development of your content as an app.
3. As a content provider, can I choose to employ your services for digital exploitation only ? Of course, you can. Distribution agreements between WVG and the content provider are negotiated individually and designed for mutual satisfaction.
4. What do I do if I am a content provider who wants to keep the license and employ WVG's services as a distributor or any of your other services only? Click this questionnaire to find out the basic facts about your requirement profile and establishe the first basic parameters for a future distribution agreement.
5. Which content providers currently work with WVG? WVG is currently working successfully with approx. 30 different content providers. You can find out more about the individual providers here.
6. What costs will I need to figure in if I decide on a distribution contract with WVG? First, you will need to finance the design of your product and its sales documents. You will also have to pay for 1000 copies of the documents. Authoring and mastering can be cost-intensive, but that depends largely on your individual expectations. The same goes for the price of replication, which can vary greatly depending on the configuration of your product.
7. How much advance time will I have to expect before my product can be published? In order to perfect the advance time on sales of your product, we will need to give it an internal advance time of at least 6 months before publication. This means that the cover, product information and first sales documents need to be ready half a year before we can offer a product to consumers.
8. As a content provider, am I required to offer my content on Blu-ray as well? No. Some genres do not lend themselves to Blu-ray. This needs to be decided on a case-by-case basis.
9. Do retailers have the right to return unsold copies? Yes, retailers have the right to return, which is an industry standard. This allows them to send back unsold products after a predetermined period of time.
10. Is my content required to have been shown at cinemas or on TV in order to have it distributed to the home entertainment market? For the distribution of a product, we do not require your content to have been shown at cinemas or on TV. Generally, however, promotion across several media will of course enhance the potential for successful distribution to the home entertainment market.
11. Does my content have to be in German in order to be distributed Our sales territory includes all of German-speaking Europe. Consequently, it is usually unavoidable to offer the consumer a German-dubbed version. However, this is not a legal requirement.
12. Does WVG distribute content without FSK rating? No. Despite the self-regulation of the movie industry being called, misleadingly, voluntary, retailers insist on an FSK rating on the product's cover, unless it is labelled as an informational or educational programme.
13. As the provider, do I have to register my content with FSK or GEMA myself? You can choose to do this yourself, or WVG can provide this additional service for you.

WVG as licensing partner

These are some frequently asked questions from our licensers. You will probably find it helpful to read through the following information before contacting us.

1. What sort of service does WVG guarantee as a licensing partner? Thanks to our long-standing experience in the industry, licensers will find us a competent and fair licensee.

Extensive product management competence across many genres enables us to realize the potential of diverse product licenses.

Expert knowledge of physical and digital distribution and an extensive and varied network allow for comprehensive retail placement tailored to your content.

We pay either flat rates or minimum guarantees and royalties on the subsequent net yield from the product. You can expect regular and transparent statements. If required, licensers can rely on detailed co-ordination and approval processes.
2. How does WVG proceed once content has been offered? It is essential for us to determine our partners' conceptions, wishes and expectations regarding distribution, which is why this is the first step. The next step is an analysis of the compatibility of these expectations with the current reality of the market. Finally, we determine the exact way our expertise can fit with the analyzed and established requirement profile of our partner. Following this, we clear the extent of the collaboration and the common goals with our partners.

Regarding all areas of the collaboration we take responsibility for, we continue an open and thorough dialogue among ourselves and with our partner. Our work is goal- and customer-oriented throughout, and we always keep an eye on the commercial success for both sides of the collaboration.

In an ever-changing and dynamic marketplace, we anticipate changes or react to them in a timely fashion, developing problem-solving strategies or presenting developing opportunities. We do not subscribe to so-called tunnel vision.
3. As a licenser, how can I contact WVG to negotiate a transfer of rights? This questionnaire helps us to find out the basic facts about your license, to come to a first evaluation regarding collaboration, and to get back to you with a timely reaction to your enquiry.
4. Does WVG preclude licensing any genres or content from any specific countries? WVG will not accept licenses for pornography as a genre. Other than that, we are open for any kind of content, regardless of its origin.
5. Is my content required to have been shown at cinemas or on TV in order to get it licensed? We do not require your content to have been shown at cinemas or on TV in order to accept a license. Generally, however, promotion across several media will of course enhance the potential for successful distribution to the home entertainment market.
6. Will my content have to be in German for its license to be accepted by WVG? No, your content does not have to be available in German at the point when we accept the license. We will come to an agreement with you during contract negotiations as to who will be responsible for localization into the German language.
7. What is the average duration of a licensing contract with WVG? Usually, a licensing contract covers a period of 5-10 years, as this is generally accepted as the best exploitation period possible in the industry. This includes an option for contract renewal and the industry-standard sell-off period.
8. As a licenser, will I have a say in product design and management? As a rule, licensers have a final say in product design.
Involvement in all other decisions can be negotiated.
9. Which payment models does a licensing agreement with WVG offer? As mentioned in point 5 above, there are two payment models.
Either, the licenser receives a one-time flat fee payment and cedes all further claims to part of the licensed product's turnover, or we will agree on a clearable advance on the license plus subsequent royalties on the licence’s turnover.